Be empowered to effect social change and support underserved women in the workforce. Through Working for Women, you can help:

Create a community by building relationships with non-profits focused on elevating women in the workforce
Aggregate resources from businesses to enable our nonprofit partners to serve more women
Provide growth and learning opportunities for employees through skill-based volunteer opportunities

Join an unstoppable community 

 enabling businesses to effectively invest in and elevate women to economic independence!

There is much attention to expanding opportunities for women and girls in the United States but not all women are equally benefitting.
More than 1 in 8 women live in poverty
US Census
50%+ of all poor children live in families headed by women
US Census
Only 1% of philanthropic giving goes toward women and girls
Lilly Family School of Philanthropy
By investing in and supporting women,
YOU can elevate more women to economic independence.