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/ 04.07.22 /

Giving Back is No Longer Optional for Companies Competing for Top Talent

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“Purpose” is getting so much attention in the business press these days that now things are going meta: Harvard Business Review recently published a series entitled, “What is the purpose […] Read More

/ 03.31.22 /

Announcing the W4W Inaugural Invest in Women Awards

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Working for Women is excited to announce the first-ever Invest in Women Awards. The goal of the Invest in Women Fund is to foster growth of the nonprofits in our network […] Read More

/ 03.22.22 /

Partnering with Gender Ideal

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W4W is proud to be partnering with Gender IDEAL on the IDEAL12 campaign. IDEAL12 is a free, easy-to-use tool to measure your company’s performance on practices that impact gender equity. […] Read More

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