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Rose Chan Siow, founder/CEO of Scout, invests 1% of revenue and 1% of her firm’s time in women. “I’m not just working to work, I’m working to make a difference and Working for Women makes it easy for us to do just that.”

Jennifer Willey, founder/CEO of boutique consulting firm Wet Cement, has built her brand around women’s empowerment. Being a member of Working for Women enables her to reinforce her brand and follow her passion. “Joining forces with Working for Women allows us to be more effective in our corporate giving than by doing so alone, and serve as an ambassador to others who want to help women.” 

Hensley Evans, Principal at ZS, a global marketing consulting firm says “Our partnership with W4W is both a great cultural fit for ZS and a great opportunity to better serve ZS employees, where giving back is part of what they look for in an employer.”

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