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Our investors are businesses and individuals who are committed to our mission of helping more women enter and stay in the workforce. Their donations of dollars and skills are helping us to create meaningful programs and initiatives that are making a real impact in the lives of women and girls.

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Julie Allison
Debbie Botwick-Sakac
Rachel Burrell
Kathleen Edwards-Chase
Carey and Jack Conaway
Marla Gitterman
Amanda Gold
Alice Hahn
Kristin Hess
Ellie Kremlin
Melora Kuhn
Megan Kwiecien
Michelle Mirchandani
Julie Mykoff
Sarah Patterson
Emily Positano


Anjana Pursnani
Phil Roberts
Megan Simmons
Elizabeth Stanley
Nicole Smith
Liz Wald
Lisa Weiss
Patty Zeff

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