The Staff and Board work together to:
Actively listen to our members and partners
Operate a respectful, supportive and ‘no judgement’ environment
Facilitate societal understanding of the challenges for women who are marginalized in US
Be inclusive of all voices
Measure the impact of our work
Learn about each of our commitments below


Beth Bengtson Real change happens when business talent supports non-profit missions, when women achieve economic independence, and personal passion meets organizational focus! She started WorkingForWomen (W4W) to provide a new operating structure that taps into all these pillars.

She learned the power of purpose-driven business practices through years of education and professional experience. She has an MBA from Schiller International University in Paris, France, and a BS in management from Penn State University; and is certified in empowerment design and facilitation through the Empowerment Institute. She has spent 20 years in leadership roles on the agency side and in-house at organizations large and small, facilitating change through communications internally and externally. Her focus is on helping organizations evolve and be purpose-driven.

Her work is strengthened by an energetic family – two adolescent boys, two dogs, and fortunately only one husband – biking, hiking, skiing, and kayaking. Any remaining free time is spent with my friends or alone in nature.

 She says the key to success is taking baby steps toward your goals each day.

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Beth Bengtson
Beth's Bio

Marjorie McCord believes businesses doing social good are not purely altruistic. Businesses benefit from by creating connections with customers and retaining employees. As director, Marjorie wants to make it easier for companies, big and small, to fulfill social missions.

Marjorie grew up in the Hudson Valley of NY. She drove a beat-up car and fixed it herself.  It was playing on sports teams and participating in school plays Marjorie says, that gave her the courage to walk into executive-level meetings to present her ideas as a young professional. For her daughters, she sees how sports and the arts instill the same type of courage, build confidence, and help them to believe in themselves.  She wants to give back to women who have not had the same opportunities and support that she has had and knows there is much to learn from women with different life experiences.

Marjorie is a seasoned marketing professional and business owner. Her firm, Strategic Roots, located in Kingston, NY, helps all size businesses and non-profits root their marketing efforts in a strategic framework designed to deliver results.

Marjorie loves the outdoors and spending time in the mountains. She is unwavering, independent, and she is not afraid to care about other people.

Marjorie McCord
Marketing Director
Marjorie's Bio

Monique began her career in nonprofits focused on children’s education and youth programs at the United States Committee for UNICEF and later the Edward W. Hazen Foundation, both based in New York. During this time, she joined the Institute for Educational Leadership and became an Education Policy Fellow, a nonprofit leadership program. Monique continued her education to complete a Master of Public Administration at the Syracuse University, Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs. Subsequently, she moved to Washington, DC to pursue a career in business consulting for the federal government.  After settling into DC, she joined former classmates from her alma mater, Wesleyan University, to launch a public charter school to establish an early childhood education inclusion program. As a founding board member, Monique was instrumental in establishing the school’s governance structure as well as administrative and financial management policies and procedures. During her tenure on the board, she completed the Georgetown University Nonprofit Management Executive Certification. Throughout these experiences, Monique has worked to use her business and project management skills to strengthen the business processes and strategic management of various organizations.  While working in the field of business consulting, Monique became an avid supporter of charitable organizations targeting underserved women and children and that sponsored leadership opportunities for women in the DC area. Monique has returned home to New York and is excited to join Working for Women (W4W) serving as the Program Manager.  Her work will focus on the W4W mission to increase the capacity of our nonprofit partners’ ability to reach and lead more women to economic independence as well as enhance the engagement of our business members and their employees in meaningful projects that result in helping the nonprofit partners reach greater success toward achieving their goals.

Monique Speight
Program Manager
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Anjana Pursnani believes that women are still trailblazing their way to meet individual career and work goals and need more help than they are receiving. Without structures in place to support and encourage them, she worries that the disadvantages will only grow deeper. 

In her Board role with Working for Women, she aims to tap her women’s leadership and marketing expertise to elevate the status of all women. This is her way of expressing gratitude for the opportunities she has been given.

Anjana credits her personal and professional success to her parents for creating a circle of support and a pathway that gave her and her sister the freedom to pursue advanced education, and to believe they should be financially independent women. Her  family moved from India to the United States when she was eleven years old.

Anjana has worked for more than 25 years as a marketing professional, and as a consultant for organizational effectiveness and marketing team management. In tandem, for the past 10 years, she runs an executive coaching practice that focuses on enabling women to achieve whatever they set their sights on – and on their own terms. She also serves as a volunteer mentor to women in her community who aspire to move into workplace positions with growth opportunities by helping them see their own potential, grow their networks, and build out the tools to achieve their goals. 

She holds an MBA from the Amos Tuck School at Dartmouth in New Hampshire, and a BA in Economics from Rutgers University in New Jersey. She trained in Leadership Coaching at Georgetown University, and is an International Coach Federation (ICF) Professional Certified Coach (PCC). 

Anjana and her family love to travel to places where they can be exposed to other cultures. These experiences remind her how much there is to learn about other ways of life and other perspectives. Anjana lives in Northern California with her husband, two teenagers and extended family.  

Anjana Pursnani
Board Vice Chair
Anjana's Bio

Carol Staubi is optimistic about the potential for real changes in the workplace that will finally lead to equity for women. She sees this as crucial to global prosperity. 

As a Board Member for Working for Women, she wants to help women see what they can’t see, and attain the confidence and skills that allow them to reach their full potential and achieve economically independent lives. 

Carol founded Digitalwitt LLC in 2014 to help forward thinking businesses embrace the digital culture. Her work is driven by inspiration, creativity and action. Before becoming a digital entrepreneur, she held senior roles in technology at Pfizer where she worked with Marketing, Prescription (Rx) to Over-the-Counter Switches, and Digital Marketing teams. Her work brought her to 25 countries across six continents, providing her with in-depth global insights into digital consumer trends and solutions.

She has an MBA in Finance from Fordham University in New York, and an MS in Arts from Westminster College in Pennsylvania. Carol also earned a Certificate in Critical Thinking/Negotiation through the Executive Education program at The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. 

Carol’s passions are culture, technology and transformative ideas that empower people. She splits her time between Dallas and New York City.

Carol Staubi
Board Director
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Chantel Febus is a partner in the Litigation Department and a member of Proskauer’s Antitrust, Sports, and White Collar Defense & Investigations practices. She represents clients in domestic and international internal investigations, federal enforcement actions, and complex commercial litigation. Her clients span a wide array of industries, including healthcare, precious minerals, online travel services, universities, media and entertainment and private investment funds. Drawing on her substantial experience as a federal prosecutor and appellate clerk, Chantel brings a broad perspective to the table as she helps her clients navigate complex legal issues.

Chantel is a member of her Firm’s Hiring and Pro Bono Committees and spearheads the Firm’s Proskauer Prep program, a unique program for 1L women aimed at delivering practical insight into their first year at law school and Big Law practice.

Chantel Febus
Board Director
Chantel's Bio
Debbie Botwick

Debbie Botwick’s involvement on the Board of Working for Women stems from her desire to bring her passion, experience, and skills to bear for social good. Equally significant is that it pays tribute to all her female role models, leaders, colleagues, and friends who have provided a lifetime of support and guidance. She believes that everyone deserves that kind of support.

Debbie used to fall asleep as a young child to the sound of an old-fashioned electric typewriter. Her mother had returned to college for a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a minor in Women’s Studies. This left an impression on Debbie, along with two significant life lessons: she realized her mother had the financial means and support to make that happen while many other women do not have that luxury; and she learned the importance and value of women supporting women as her mother’s female network grew via her college experience.

Debbie’s 20+ year business career at a Fortune 500 company has encompassed a variety of Marketing and Learning & Development roles that have allowed her to pursue her personal mission to “empower people through my life and my work.”

Debbie has an undergraduate degree from Cornell University in Asian Studies and Women’s studies, and an MBA from Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey.

When not at work, Debbie spends her time in extreme climates – hot yoga, bike riding during hot summer months, and watching her son on ski slopes or playing ice hockey. She and her family live in New Jersey.

Debbie Botwick
Debbie Botwick
Debbie's Bio

Emily Positano is fueled by the belief that our world is becoming more purpose-driven, more attuned to societal inequities, and more motivated to affect positive change than ever before. All sectors are needed to create long-lasting, meaningful impact on systemic issues. That’s why Emily is passionate in championing the Working for Women mission.

Emily has spent a decade living and breathing purposeful marketing. She founded a brand identity agency in 2016 to work with small businesses and entrepreneurs and build stand-out brands that engage their consumers’ hearts and minds – and connect to a higher-order purpose. She intentionally works with many female founders, and companies passionate about women’s issues.

She fully realized the transformative power of brand in her first marketing role at a grassroots organization serving the homeless in Washington, DC. She continued to master her skill as a brand strategist at leading agencies in New York City for some of the world’s most renowned purpose-driven organizations.

Emily earned her BA in Communications and Social Welfare and Justice from Marquette University, and is certified in Social Impact Strategy by the University of Pennsylvania. In addition to her Board role with Working for Women, she mentors founders at 1871— a business incubator in Chicago that takes start-ups from idea to Fortune 50.

Emily is inspired by trailblazers and creative problem-solvers moving our world forward. She and her husband and their rescue pup live in Chicago.

Emily Positano
Board Director
Emily's Bio

Lisa Weiss believes that helping women achieve economic independence by tapping the desire of businesses to contribute in a more meaningful way is a win-win. For her, supporting the Working for Women model means boosting the likelihood for success for all participants. The approach mirrors her passion for fostering the potential of others, especially those typically overlooked.

The importance of focusing on women is best reflected for Lisa in a quote from the moderator of a UN Federal Credit Union Foundation conference for the Commission on the Status of Women: “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime, but teach a woman to fish and everyone eats for a lifetime.”  She is thrilled to be on the Board of an organization aiming to create tangible and lifelong changes, which in her opinion are long overdue.

Lisa has been in the public relations field for 35+ years, working with for-profit and nonprofit organizations, with an emphasis in healthcare. She has conceived and executed award-winning communications programs and campaigns for many clients.

As a life-long reader, she is drawn to stories about overcoming obstacles and life challenges. She loves travel, especially meeting and learning from people from other cultures. She mentors young girls in high school and middle school who come from disadvantaged backgrounds, with the hope of helping them see their own strengths and promise.

Lisa earned her Master’s in Public Health from the Columbia Mailman School of Public Health, and a dual degree in journalism and liberal arts from Syracuse University.

Lisa, her husband, and their effervescent Golden Retriever live in New York.

Lisa Weiss
Board Director
Lisa's Bio

Marla Gitterman believes that investing in women is an investment in families and communities, which exponentially increases our ability to live in a safer, healthier, and more prosperous world. She leverages learnings and skills honed from her work internationally to break down inequalities she witnesses in her own backyard. 

Marla sees Working for Women as a means to create a positive feedback loop among women who are economically marginalized, businesses and communities.

With more than 20 years’ experience in managing purpose-driven programs and projects across 15 countries, Marla’s work has focused on economic and social development issues ranging from empowering youth and low-income women; micro, small and medium size business development; environmental advocacy; and, supporting refugees and street children.

She helped build the international nonprofit Bpeace (Business Council for Peace) from an informal volunteer network to an international NGO with a $1.2 million budget, 350+ volunteer members, eight staff, and programs in five countries. While on staff, Marla developed a skills-based volunteer program connecting US business professionals with owners of fledgling businesses in conflict-affected countries such as Afghanistan, Guatemala and El Salvador. Bpeace lifts communities in need by working with local entrepreneurs to scale their businesses, create significant employment for all, and expand the economic power of women.

Early in Marla’s career, she worked as a Program Associate at Women’s World Banking, a global microfinance network, and assisted in coordinating the International Coalition on Women and Credit – a coalition of 32 national, regional, and global microenterprise development organizations in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean and North America.

In addition to serving as Board President with Working for Women, Marla is on the Board of Bpeace. Marla earned a BS in Environmental Policy from the University of Vermont and an MA in Intercultural Management from the School for International Training in Brattleboro, VT. 

Marla lives in Connecticut with her husband, daughter, and a feisty black Labrador.

Marla Gitterman
Board Chair
Marla's Bio

Michelle Mirchandani wants women to know it’s okay to want more for themselves. She says it takes self-love and self-assurance to dream big, but worries that too many women feel they should put others first and not be “selfish.” As a Board Director, Michelle wants to ensure that women have the confidence to take the first step on the ladder to success.

Michelle also dreams of a world where all women have access to affordable childcare and healthcare. She knows how difficult it is to juggle these types of care even with the advantage of a successful career. She realizes too that many women struggle with the basics and can’t break free from poverty to pursue education, careers, and dreams.

Michelle has over 20 years’ experience in marketing in the healthcare industry, currently as a marketing consultant. As an executive vice president at Digitas Health, and a partner at Rosetta, Michelle developed multi-million-dollar marketing campaigns for some of the largest brands in healthcare. She discovered it is best to work smarter, not harder, or longer.

She earned an MBA from Columbia Business School with a dual concentration in marketing and management of organizations, and graduated with honors from Harvard University with a degree in the history of science.

Having been born and raised in Kuwait, but considering herself a New Yorker at heart, Michelle currently lives in sunny southern California. She enjoys reading, hiking, and posting pictures of her ever-entertaining Papillon puppy on Instagram. Most of all, she values spending time with her husband and daughter, and is keenly aware it is a privilege she should never take for granted. 

Michelle Mirchandani
Board Director
Michelle's Bio

Phil Roberts is passionate about many things, but the common thread is supporting those who don’t always get a “fair shake” or “have a voice” – whether it’s access to information about financial literacy, healthcare services, or a sense of belonging by not being able to participate in activities that may be limited by a physical or developmental challenge.

In his Board role with Working for Women, he hopes to challenge both conventionally held ideas and ever-changing gender-based roles, and serve as a role model for his three children by being part of the solution.

Phil works as a Wealth Advisor for a diverse client base at various stages in life and with a broad spectrum of wealth. 

By empowering people from all walks of life with information needed to be successful – however they’ve defined it – his hope is to help people become independent, confident, and content with their own role in this world, and not be constrained by money, gender, race, religion, political ideology, heritage, or occupation.

He earned his Bachelor’s of Business Administration from Temple University, with emphasis in actuarial science and risk management.

Originally from the Philadelphia area, he lives in Summit, NJ with his family. He loves his chosen profession, spending time with family, and cooking – especially barbecue, for which he and his brother have won several awards at various competitions.

Phil Roberts
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