Working for Women (W4W) is the brainchild of Beth Bengtson. Beth’s pursuit of a purpose-driven business model throughout her career led her last firm, Hale Advisors, to adopt a community giving policy that leverages the firm’s success, talents and time to make a difference locally and globally. From its inception, Hale Advisors donated 1% of its revenues (not just profits) to advance women’s causes, from raising awareness and funds for domestic violence shelters and programs, to mentoring girls and young women in their academic pursuits, and advancing the role of women in business.

What inspired Beth to create Working for Women (W4W) was a mission trip to Guatemala in 2015. There, Beth encountered a district of prostitutes who were running their own small businesses by selling the only service they had to offer. What struck her most was that each of these women had fundamental business skills working independent from pimps earning enough to cover their rent, pay the gangs, and support themselves and families.

“I realized we need to do more to mentor women and help them recognize their potential,” Beth said. That trip was the catalyst for the foundation of Working for Women. “I came away from that trip with the feeling I need to take initiative and  help empower women through business.”

W4W leverages the collective power of businesses to effect change through non-profits that educate, train and provide tools and mentorship to elevate women.

“I believe there are hundreds of businesses with leaders and staff who want to make a difference in the world and their community.  Through Working for Women, these people can see their contributions make a difference in women’s lives, by connecting them to organizations that provide women the skills, tools, training and confidence to achieve their goals.”

Beth has become a frequent speaker at women’s entrepreneurship conferences and events, lending her strategic thinking and business acumen to mentoring women entrepreneurs and organizations around ways to serve their community.