/ 03.10.21 /

Alayna Vernon

This week, our #WCW is Alayna Vernon, founder and director of JOINING TOGETHER ELIMINATING POVERTY (JTEP).

Alayna started JTEP to mobilize resources of families, communities, and businesses to join together and eliminate poverty. Servicing over 300 families a month, Alayna leads the initiative to provide resources to help families in the Tampa area. She also teaches parenting classes within the charity, is a lactation counselor, and provides free lactation services.

Founding the charity four years ago in 2016, Alayna is also a curriculum director at Macro Learning, a Master’s degree candidate, motivational speaker, and a mother of 5. As someone who shows us that you can give back better in more ways than one, we’re honored to have her as our #WCW this week!

Do you know a women who is crushing it helping underserved women in their communities? Nominate them for our #WCW here.