/ 03.25.19 /

Choose Your Partners Wisely

There are various criteria to consider when picking your partners and suppliers, such as convenience, price, location. When it came time to select W4W’s place to bank, we started with our values as we wanted financial institution that is, first and foremost, aligned with our values. The choices you make about where and with whom you spend your money says much about your values as a business.

But where to find that partner and how we would be know they were a good business.  That is where BCorp’s come in, Certified Benefit Corporations meet the highest standards of verified social and environment performance, transparency, and accountability. We figured a bank that met their rigorous certification was the bank for us and that is how we ended up partnering with Amalgamated Bank

When you bank with Amalgamated, you support sustainable organizations, progressive causes, and social justice. As America’s largest B Corporation certified bank, Amalgamated is committed to doing good for people. They are net-zero and are powered by 100% renewable energy. They also have a history of providing affordable access to the banking system, supporting immigrants and affordable housing, and vouching for workers’ rights.

So who are your partners? Are they working toward the same goals as your business? If not, there may be a better partner out there for you. The path to a good business comes down to the company you keep.