What does it mean to invest in women? When we invest in women, we help build a society where all women have gained economic independence…and gives your company and its workforce a purpose beyond profit. Read our latest news and articles about how investing in women is good for women AND good for business.

/ 09.28.23 /

Enterprising Women: How Can Women-Owned Businesses Drive Economic Change? Invest in More Women.

Invest in Women

Ready to supercharge the economy and break down barriers for women in the workforce? Learn how women-owned businesses are driving meaningful change through collective impact—don’t miss our latest article in […] Read More

/ 09.10.23 /

Working for Women Joins Forces with NationSwell’s Childcare Collaborative to Boost Gender Equity and Access to Childcare

Invest in Women

Working for Women is a member of NationSwell’s Studio Childcare Collaborative, a groundbreaking alliance aiming to revolutionize the childcare system in the United States. This collaboration is enriched by the […] Read More

/ 05.09.23 /

In our fight for women’s equity, we need to change the conversation

Invest in Women

They say doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity, and yet, too often, that endless repetition is a perfect […] Read More

/ 12.23.22 /

Finding Hope in Community, Collaboration, and the Power of the Collective

Invest in Women

“Optimism for me isn’t a passive expectation that things will get better; it’s a conviction that we can make things better — that whatever suffering we see, no matter how […] Read More

/ 11.15.22 /

Four Reasons Why It’s Good For Your Business to Give Back

Invest in Women

There comes a time when good people need to get outraged, and take action. This is one of those times. Only 1.9 percent of all philanthropic giving goes to women […] Read More

/ 10.11.22 /

Inaugural Give to Women and Girls Day

Invest in Women

The Women’s Philanthropy Institute has launched the inaugural Give to Women and Girls Day on October 11, 2022, a national awareness campaign to increase funding for organizations supporting women and girls. What […] Read More

/ 07.25.22 /

W4W Founder Speaks with WWD About The Wage Gap and Its Impact on Women


The Wage Gap Is Still Very Real, and Its Impact on Women Is Getting Worse “It’s time to change the conversation,” said Beth Bengtson, CEO and Founder of Working for Women […] Read More

/ 04.28.21 /

The Economic Cost of Being Female

Invest in Women

Let’s start with tampons and the economic cost of being a woman. The conversation around equity is always focused on the wage pay gap but truly women are at an […] Read More

/ 10.29.20 /

Working for Women featured on Radio Kingston

Invest in Women

Our CEO Beth Bengtson was just featured on the Radio Kingston show …i want what SHE has. Beth returns after her first interview two years ago to talk about how […] Read More

/ 06.30.20 /

Welcoming Our Newest Members 

Invest in Women

Reflecting an appetite for businesses to take lead in changing this world, W4W welcomes our newest members: Read More