What does it mean to invest in women? When we invest in women, we help build a society where all women have gained economic independence…and gives your company and its workforce a purpose beyond profit. Read our latest news and articles about how investing in women is good for women AND good for business.

/ 03.08.19 /

History of International Women’s Day

Invest in Women

International Women’s Day 2019 – Balance for Better #IWD2019 What is International Women’s Day (IWD)and how did it get started? International Women’s Day wasn’t always on March 8th. Actually it […] Read More

/ 02.22.19 /

Why We Invest In Women: Amy Hall of Eileen Fisher

Invest in Women

FROM CLOTHING TO EMPOWERMENT Amy Hall knows a thing or two about the importance of investing in women. As the VP of Social Consciousness at Eileen Fisher, she’s seen firsthand […] Read More

/ 01.22.19 /

Why I Created Working for Women: conversation with Founder Beth Bengtson

Invest in Women

There’s never been a better time to invest in women, says Beth Bengtson, who spent much of her career making the case for business as a force for good. Consider […] Read More