When you’re a company committed to the concept of business as a force for social good, that means more than simply finding the best charities to donate to – it also includes engaging your team with corporate volunteer opportunities. Working for Women’s mission, in part, is to help companies find and create those experiences, with a focus on women’s empowerment by way of supporting women through business and elevating women in the workforce, as well as helping women entrepreneurs. We believe in the critical importance of involving your employees in the community, because:

Corporate volunteer opportunities give people a personal connection to the causes their employers support.
The more hands-on the experience, the better. A meaningful corporate volunteer opportunity will engage all levels of staff, including the CEO, and get them working toward the same immediate and long-term goals. These programs help employees feel that their social values align with their employer’s, and that the work they do is purpose-driven. Ideally, they gain a sense that their contribution is not just to the overall success of the company, but also a charitable cause that matters to them. In many cases, you may be introducing your team member to nonprofit work they may were not previously familiar with, raising awareness for the organization or cause.

Corporate volunteer opportunities foster employee recruitment and retention.
It’s been proven: company-sponsored volunteerism boosts employee engagement, which is good for everyone. (A recent Gallup report showed that organizations with high employee engagement have 3.9 times the growth rate for earnings per share than other companies with lower engagement in the same industry.) When you create a workplace that helps employees find pride in both the company they work for and the work they do…those employees stick around. Providing corporate volunteer opportunities also makes your company more attractive to the candidates you want on your staff. This sense of purpose-driven work boosts productivity and higher workplace morale.

Corporate volunteer opportunities can be diverse and flexible to meet specific needs.
Our nonprofit partners work with companies to develop special service projects or team building events, customized for groups of all sizes. They might also provide opportunities for individual or small group volunteerism. These experiences can take place off-site if that’s a better fit for your team, or an in-office volunteer opportunity can be engineered in the office break room, during a sales meeting, as part of a large conference or retreat, or another employee event. Scheduling can be flexible, too, working with weekdays, weekends, or weekday evening time constraints. Maybe your corporate volunteer opportunities happen on a regular basis, or on designated company-wide volunteer days…or both.

Corporate volunteer opportunities improve employee skills.
Leadership, collaboration, communication, problem-solving, and self-awareness – all skills you want to foster in your company’s team. They’ll happen organically as part of the volunteer experience.

Corporate volunteer opportunities can instill and reinforce your company values.
And that’s both internal and external – how your employees and the public see and feel about your company.

Take a peek at some of the volunteerism initiatives sponsored by today’s largest and most popular companies.

When you join Working for Women, we help you identify opportunities for your employees to be part of the impactful work our non-profit partners are doing to lift more women to economic independence.