/ 06.10.21 /

Creating Impact: Our Mid-Year Review

June marks the halfway point in the year and we thought it was a good time to take stock of what we have accomplished so far. Even under the shadow of a pandemic, our work is making an impact.  We have completed 12 projects in the last 12 months for our partners to increase their organizational capacity through direct programming efforts. Here is a snapshot of how we are using the skills of our business members to help grow the capacity of our nonprofit partners:

Building Negotiation Skills: New Women New Yorkers

Our 6th Negotiation workshop with New Women New Yorkers was yet another resounding success with over 25 participants. These negotiation workshops have strengthened the skills of over 120 women to date as well as provided growth opportunities via skill-based volunteering for the employees of our business members.

Enhancing Communications: Women’s Way

With Women’s Way in Philadelphia, we have worked with them to develop and implement a Strategic Communications Framework. This project was on their roadmap for the year and with our member ZS we supplied the skills to make it happen. As a result, this plan will help Women’s Way increase awareness of their work on behalf of women in the greater Philadelphia area, generate support and expand the donor base.

In addition, with Women’s Way, we worked to aggregate data sources and develop a data communications framework to support a larger goal: change the lexicon and conversation about women and economic insecurity inside newsrooms, philanthropy, and policymakers to inspire more people to support women’s economic mobility.

Creating Community: Executive Director Roundtables

We held our first Executive Director Roundtable in partnership with our business member, Scout, to facilitate an open discussion around the future of their organization’s workspace design. This first roundtable was so well received, we will be holding these quarterly moving forward. The role of an Executive Director can be a lonely one and our goal is to create a safe and supportive space for our Executive Directors to share and grow together in community.

Celebrating Women Who Are Crushing It

Since the start of the year, we have celebrated 21 women doing extraordinary things in their communities to benefit women who are economically marginalized in the US. Check out their stories when you need a lift in the world. And if you know someone who should be on our list – nominate them here.

What’s Next?

What does the second half of our year look like – one word: Expansion!

We will be expanding into the Chicago and Boston regions on top of our current work in the New York and Philadelphia regions. We look forward to sharing those stories of impact with you later this year.