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Empowering Women for High-Potential Careers: Working for Women and CareerCircle Join Forces

Working for Women and CareerCircle have joined forces to empower women by equipping them with the necessary skills and opportunities to pursue high-potential career paths. Through a pilot program, women are enrolled in a six-month certificate course in the tech field, offering education and training to help them achieve better financial security. Upon completion of the course, the participants are paired with a recruiter for one-on-one skills training and job placement opportunities.  With a focus on upskilling and career development, this collaboration aims to bridge the gender gap and empower women to thrive in promising industries.

Upskilling for Promising Career Pathways

The partnership between Working for Women and CareerCircle is designed to equip women with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in high-potential career paths. The program offers participants the opportunity to enroll in Google Certificate courses that lead to job prospects within the tech field. By providing education, training, access to recruiter expertise, and real job opportunities, this initiative helps women unlock new opportunities and achieve financial stability.

The CareerCircle Platform

Each participant in the pilot program has a personalized portal on the CareerCircle platform. This portal acts as a hub for their active courses, resume, job searches, job board, and portfolio. It provides participants with a comprehensive space to manage their educational progress, job search, and career-related resources. Participants have lifetime access to this platform, serving as a centralized resource, supporting participants throughout their journey toward securing a job in their desired field.

The Path to Success

The five participants enrolled in the pilot program have chosen different certificate programs to enhance their skills:

  1. Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce
  2. Google Project Management
  3. Google UX Design

These participants are actively engaged in their online courses, progressing at their own pace. Upon certificate completion, , they will have the opportunity to meet with CareerCircle recruiters for job placement. While participants are welcome to apply for jobs from the platform’s job board prior to completing their certificates, pairing with a recruiter is only possible after completion.

Testimonials from Participants

The pilot program has already begun to impact the participants positively. Here are a few testimonials:

  1. Binny: “A lot of the skills and knowledge I’m learning in the Project Management course are being put into practice at my part-time job. It’s exciting to see it in real life.”
  2. Natalia: “Time is flying, and I’m thrilled to be learning so much from my Marketing course.”
  3. Zsuzsanna: “I’m satisfied with my course, and I love the combination of theory and practice in UX Design.”

Looking Ahead

The partnership between Working for Women and CareerCircle signifies a commitment to empowering women in their career journeys. As the pilot program progresses, it will serve as a foundation for further expansion and replication in various industries and regions. By providing education, training, mentorship, and a supportive platform, this collaboration aims to create long-lasting change, enabling women to excel in promising careers and achieve financial security.