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Impact Table and Working for Women Partner to Enhance Well-Being and Accelerate Growth for Women Nonprofit Leaders

FOLSOM, CA, UNITED STATES, July 1, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Impact Table, a community and connection platform designed for mission-driven women leaders, today announced a partnership with Working for Women, a nonprofit organization committed to helping women from marginalized communities reach financial independence.

Through this partnership, Impact Table and Working for Women are forging a new and much-needed approach to supporting women leaders in social impact with a leadership accelerator program and access to all Impact Table offerings made available to all Working for Women nonprofit partners.

Until now, the Impact Table has been only available through an open enrollment model for individuals, so the group accelerator model is an exciting opportunity for both Impact Table and Working for Women to demonstrate how, through partnership, we can create an even more expansive ripple of impact by addressing the critical needs of connection, support, and ongoing growth that women have.

The social impact sector accounts for 10% of the US workforce, generating $2.62 trillion in annual revenue and offering essential services to our communities. Among the 13 million people employed in the social impact space, 73% are women.

These women, already affected by the gender pay gap, are often further burdened by the inability of nonprofit organizations to offer competitive pay or benefits, a lack of leadership and professional development, under-resourced teams and organizations, regularly reported feelings of isolation and overwhelm, high emotional investment and demands in their work, and largely recognized inequalities in the home, with women taking on most household and caregiving responsibilities.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, according to a recent study published by the Center for Effective Philanthropy, most funders and 95% of leaders in nonprofit organizations express some level of concern about burnout, with 87% of nonprofit leaders expressing concerns about their own burnout and 75% indicating that burnout among their staff is impacting their organization’s ability to achieve its mission.

As pioneers in offering a human-centered, tech-first, productized coaching, development, and community and connection platform, the Impact Table is positioned to be a resilient and forward-thinking player in an industry known for grassroots start/stop capacity-building programs that are costly to create, slow to deploy, and often bound by limitations of geography, role, level of the individual, or grantee status.

“We support the leaders who support our communities,” says Marssie Versola, Founder and CEO of Impact Table. “When women in roles dedicated to serving the public good go unsupported, our communities suffer. And, women in impact are consistently among the most overworked, under-resourced, and unsupported workers. We believe that supported leaders and more diverse tables create more impactful organizations, healthier families, and thriving communities that build a better world.”

As trailblazers in the impact sector, Working for Women’s unique operating model leverages the power of collective giving, enabling businesses to be a force for good while generating important resources and programming for nonprofit partners and the individuals they serve.

“When we learned about what the Impact Table is doing, we immediately thought, ‘How can we bring this to our nonprofit partners?’” says Beth Bengtson, Founder and CEO of Working for Women. “We know leaders crave connection, support, coaching, and growth. We know this because we’ve asked. And because it’s been my own lived experience. Plus, all the research and data point to the necessity of supporting mental health, well-being, and opportunities for professional development for greater engagement and peak performance. This partnership allows us to bring an entirely new level of support to our nonprofit partners.”

About Impact Table
Impact Table is a human-centered, tech-first, community and connection platform, that leverages the power of group-based behavioral change intervention and professional coaching to create psychologically safe spaces, peer advisory experiences, group learning opportunities, and community-based connections that help women in impact thrive.

About Working for Women
Working for Women is a community of businesses and professionals who, through the power of collective giving, help women reach financial independence by connecting them to jobs, investing in training and education, and changing the conversation surrounding the barriers facing women in the workplace.

By partnering with established nonprofit organizations nationwide, we amplify our collective impact and create lasting change. Together, we are Working for Women.