What Happens When You Invest In Women?

The Impact of Philanthropic Giving

We are experiencing a moment of great unrest. It’s time to make investing in women a priority. All women, no matter their race, religion, or political stance should have the opportunity to pursue their dreams, while feeling secure that their basic needs are met first. All women should have the freedom to hone in on their strengths and passions that become the means of their financial independence. And all women deserve the tools and the resources to get there.

But did you know that support for the advancement of women only gains a small share of overall charitable giving?


“Out of $248.4B donated to philanthropic support in 2018, only 1.9% went toward women and girls.”

IUPUI Women’s Philanthropy Institute

It’s up to the drivers of our nation’s workforce – business owners, founders, and entrepreneurs – to take action and help those in need, now more than ever.