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We’re experiencing a moment of change.
Can you feel it?

More women are entering the workforce, occupying executive roles, and commanding higher salaries. But the economic and empowerment gap is still too wide for many women.

1 in 8women live in poverty

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Higher poverty rates for women
who head families if they are black (38.8%) or Latina (40.8%).

1 in 3female-headed families with children are poor

Despite statistics like these, the level of investment in women doesn’t match its urgency.

What happens when you #InvestInWomen?

When you #InvestInWomen, you invest in your business!
Investments in women have a ripple effect on the world around them. Learn more about how investing in women is good business.

Case in Point: ZS
Professional services company ZS realized an unexpected benefit when, as part of their commitment to invest in women, they partnered with W4W to create employee volunteer opportunities.

Meet Amanda
At Working for Women, we’ve seen this power of investment in women firsthand through our nonprofit partners. Read more about Amanda and how investing in her was an investment in both the organization and the community.

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