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January Must-Read: Cassandra Speaks

Cassandra Speaks: When Women Are the Storytellers, the Human Story Changes

This latest book from Elizabeth Lesser explores the idea of how storytelling influences our culture and guiding values. What if women’s voices were equally recorded and heard throughout history? How would the narrative have changed? How would the world have changed?

We asked Diane Cornman-Levy, Chief Disruptor of WOMEN’S WAY, a W4W Nonprofit Partner, to share her thoughts on Cassandra Speaks. Here is what she had to say:

“The book, Cassandra Speaks, spoke to me in so many powerful ways. First, it deepened my understanding of how narratives being told primarily by men impact the lives of women and how these stories have and continue to harm, limit and silence women. The author brilliantly explains how these stories, starting with those from the bible, are the roots of women’s shame and guilt, and the drivers of oppression and exploitation of women. She explains that narratives shape our mental models and if we want cultural and systemic change, then we must change our personal narratives and elevate the voices and stories of women.  She offers a path forward by inspiring the reader to speak up and tell their stories. She paints a clear message -changing our stories, changes our lives. Reading this book empowered me to tell more of my stories and create spaces and opportunities for other women to tell their stories. Every woman and man should read this book and work together to create new narratives that elevate compassion, empathy and love over vengeance, hatred, and violence. What would our world look like then?”

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