The Giving Circle for Women’s Advancement

A thriving community of purpose-driven businesses helping women enter and stay in the workforce by giving back together.

In 2022, W4W is working to raise $250,000, bringing together hundreds of donors and pairing them with vital nonprofits serving women across the U.S.

There has never been a more urgent time to invest in women.

All women, no matter their race, religion, or political stance should have:

  • The opportunity to pursue their dreams, while feeling secure that their basic needs are met first.
  • The freedom to hone in on their strengths and passions that become the means of their financial independence.
  • The tools and resources to get there.

But there are many factors that prevent women from achieving their dreams: poverty, lack of resources and education, loss of rights, discrimination, and so much more.

“Out of $248.4B donated to philanthropic support in 2018, only 1.9% went toward women and girls.”

IUPUI Women’s Philanthropy Institute

The gap is still too wide. Philanthropic giving and private investment dollars do not meet the need for education, rehabilitation, job training, and other programs that elevate women in the workforce.
What if small businesses had the power to change that?

You can make your business a force for positive change.

But the challenges may seem too steep.

What would your business look like if:

You could make a commitment to becoming a force for social good regularly?

The time and resources it took to find a truly impactful nonprofit disappeared?

You had confidence and trust in where your donations were going?

Your community knew that you were dedicated to the advancement of women?

“Working for Women makes it so simple to support women in need! I love that they aggregate the dollars to provide greater help than just one donation could – and that they’ve already vetted the receiving organizations so you don’t have to.”

Angie Byrnes, Spark 180

Together we can do more.

With consistent donations within a growing, global community, small businesses are making a huge impact. You have the ability to become a force for social good and are helping to provide the resources needed to invest in women the way philanthropy alone cannot.

Investments in women have a ripple effect into the world around them. They’re proven more likely than men to put their income back into their families and communities, which in turn, reduces mortality and illiteracy rates and increases the GDP.

The Women’s Opportunity Fund

When 1,000 businesses give $1,000, there is $1 million to invest in women.


Working For Women


A thriving community of purpose-driven businesses helping women enter and stay in the workforce.

When you join Working for Women, you will become part of a growing nonprofit network working to help all women in the U.S. gain financial independence. Our partners help women get into jobs, enhance their skills and support them on their journey to enter and stay in the workforce.

It’s a Win-Win-Win

Women gain new knowledge and skills to get better jobs, command higher salaries, and feel more confident.

Nonprofits gain new systems, strategies, tools to help women stay and enter in the workforce.

Businesses can share impact metrics and results with stakeholders and their

And, more importantly, our society wins.

“Through the Working For Women community, we were able to learn from incredible experts focused on women’s issues, gender equality and the future of how gender relates to our lives across all facets of our society and economy – and we were able to go beyond the status quo and into a fearless exploration of new ideas.”

Elyssa Dole, Senior Director, Nationswell


Working For Women makes investing in women easy.

Here’s How it Works

Our nonprofit partners are carefully vetted for effectiveness and brand alignment to ensure the greatest impact of your investment.

W4W combines contributions from small businesses within our community to amplify your impact.

W4W reports back with impact metrics and results that demonstrate your ROI (Return on Impact), so you can enhance your brand reputation and share your impact with your community.

Collective Giving for Small Businesses

Get started as a new member with a donation that is impactful, budget-friendly & tax-deductible!

“W4W is a standout when it comes to an organization that fulfills its promise to provide real access, real tools, and real opportunities for women to achieve greater financial independence and empowerment. W4W was our number one pick. We’ve not looked back.”

Rose Chan Siow, Founder/CEO of Scout

We’re here to answer your questions.

W4W is a community of businesses, nonprofits and strategic partners that are committed to helping more women enter and stay in the workforce – attaining financial independence.

We make it easy for businesses to create a social impact by lowering the barrier of entry for small business owners to donate and removing the time and effort it takes them to find true nonprofits who are inciting change for women in the workplace.

Yes! Working For Women is a 501c3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization and all of your donations are 100% tax deductible.

At Working for Women, we take the time to meet and vet our nonprofit partners in order to understand their needs and opportunities for growth. This ensures our member’s resources are meaningfully applied to help our nonprofit partners grow their capacity and reach more women.

Each nonprofit partner is vetted to ensure they:

  • Are aligned with our mission to elevate women who are marginalized in the workforce
  • Have strong leadership and proven impact
  • Have a clear path to increased impact
  • Are operationally efficient

When you join W4W, you are joining a growing community of small business owners who are ready to drive social change.

Based on your donation tier, members will:

  • Become a part of the Invest in Women Fund, which helps our nonprofit partners expand their capacity at the organizational and/or programmatic level.
  • Have their brand/business listed on our website as a strategic partner
  • Be listed in the Annual Impact Report
  • Gain access to W4W member community and directory events, where members can network with their peers and engage their stakeholders
  • Have a shoutout on the W4W’s social media and newsletter

W4W works off of a Giving Circle model and takes the legwork out of sorting through all the options it takes to make a difference for women.

When you are part of a Giving Circle, you become part of a new landscape of philanthropy. A Giving Circle is traditionally known as a group of people with similar interests and values, who have come together to pool their money to donate to one organization. Our Giving Circle does something similar, but it involves a community of small businesses and a thoroughly vetted nonprofit pool so we can help businesses maximize their impact.