Working for Women creates purposeful partnerships between businesses and nonprofit organizations that are working to help all women achieve financial independence.

Our model gives you the confidence that your resources are being used to make a real difference.

“As a woman-owned business, I want to help lift up other women, I want to support those who need the most support, and I want to see more and more successful women. But I can’t do all of that and also run my business. Working for Women is doing the heavy lifting and my dollars can help fund that effort — it’s the best of both worlds. Working for Women is building a powerful community, doing the work to identify and support the most impactful organizations, and ensuring that whatever money I can contribute is effective.”
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  1. Purposeful partnerships that demonstrate social impact to get more women to economic independence
  2. Employee engagement through strategic and meaningful skill-based volunteering
  3. Strengthened staff relationships through team-building opportunities
  4. Scalability and efficiency that multiplies your impact through the ability to replicate the project
  5. Enhanced brand reputation with employees, candidates, clients/customers
  6. Carefully vetted nonprofits to ensure the greatest impact of your investment
  7. Impact measurement that demonstrates your ROI (return on impact)

You help women achieve economic independence by joining your resources with ours.

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We recommend each business make a minimum commitment of 1% of their revenue and time. We are happy to work with you to determine what would work for you. Below are ranges to help you determine the right contribution level for your organization.

Membership Levels

Are you a small business owner? Learn more about how small businesses can make an impact here.

BECOME A MEMBER and together we can do more!

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“As a purpose-driven company, we at SCOUT took deliberate steps in our decision-making process to choose W4W as our social impact partner to invest 2%. It was not done lightly or quickly — our reputation is tied to our choice so it’s important to know we’re aligned and proud of our shared values, ethics, and integrity. W4W was our number one pick. We’ve not looked back.”

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Don’t know to whom to give?
We identify the nonprofit organizations for you that are influential in creating paths to employment for women and girls to ensure their economic security. We consider these to be among the best nonprofit organizations that support women in business and the best charities for women in general.

Feel like your dollars are just a drop in the bucket?
We aggregate your contributions with others to fund these nonprofits. With us, you make a larger impact.

Have questions about how your resources will be used?
We work with each nonprofit to ensure that they’re achieving what they set out to do and thus ensure your resources are being used most effectively.

Wonder if you’re really making a difference?
Your donation is aggregated with other businesses and given to carefully vetted nonprofits. Then we track and measure each project’s impact and report back to you.

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