You CAN Make a Difference

When you invest in women, you invest in a brighter, more equitable future for all.


By investing in Working for Women (W4W) YOU pave the way for a future where women and girls have the opportunity to reach their full potential. 
Together we are helping more women reach financial independence by connecting them to jobs, investing in training and education, and changing the conversation surrounding the barriers facing women in the workplace.

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Investing in women benefits all.

When a woman’s individual financial security improves, it creates a ripple effect that flows into business, industry, communities, and our economy.

Today, shockingly only 1.9% of US philanthropy goes to women and girls.

You can change that!

Invest in Women TODAY!

When 1,000 businesses give $1,000, there is
$1 million to invest in women. Join the movement!

Where Your Donation Goes

When you donate to Working for Women, you’re making an investment in our collective futures and those of our children. Here’s how your contribution can directly fuel career growth and opportunities for women:

  • $500: Sponsors 5 hours of personalized career mentoring, offering invaluable guidance, feedback, and industry insights.
  • $1,000: Funds one seat in a 6-month skill-building certification program, providing the tools needed to advance and thrive professionally.
  • $2,500: Supports 25 hours of career mentoring, making a transformative impact in a women’s career trajectory.
  • $10,000: Becomes a game-changer by funding Partner Executive Leadership Development Training, supporting women leaders who will reshape the dynamics of the world.


Working for Women makes it so simple to support women in need! I love that they aggregate the dollars to provide greater help than just one donation could – and that they’ve already vetted the receiving organizations so you don’t have to.
– Angie Byrnes, Spark 180

Our Model Makes it Easy for You to Invest in Women by

  • Building a network of nonprofits that help women enter and stay in the workforce
  • Combining your investment with fellow business members to amplify and multiply your impact
  • Providing employee engagement experiences through skill-based volunteering opportunities
  • Reporting on impact with metrics and results you can share with your stakeholders

Young professionals place a premium on corporate social responsibility and want to work at companies that have strong commitments to corporate citizenship. When companies partner with Working for Women, they’re able to quickly build their CSR culture, make a visible impact on the community and consequently, recruit top talent that will continue to foster the CSR culture and create more opportunities for positive community impact.
– ZS Employee

As a small business owner, I’m thrilled at the level of engagement W4W has with both their partners and beneficiary organizations—real impact effected on behalf of members, donors.
– Katie Wilson, Nourish Wealth Management

You will be in great company!
Here are a few investors who are leading the way to help more women enter and stay in the workforce:

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Join the movement and invest in women!

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