/ 06.09.21 /

Kenyetta Banks

Our #WCW this week is Women’s Business Development Council’s Program Manager, Kenyetta Banks. 

Kenyetta is a resource for all women, from seasoned professionals to those just starting out, helping provide the tools they need to succeed in starting and running their own business. She runs the regional program for the Women’s Business Development Council, where she spearheads programming initiatives. From teaching classes, to developing plans and mapping out next steps, Kenyetta’s passion is to help women grow and does so in so many ways. 

Kenyetta is also a life coach and experienced in nonprofit organizations, with the ultimate goal of applying her skills to help women grow their knowledge and their business. She is thoughtful and empathetic, while pushing women business owners to take the tough decisions to make their businesses stronger! That’s why we are excited to feature her as our #WCW this week.