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Working for Women Launch Progress

As we enter Spring much is blooming here at W4W to elevate women in the workforce and launch W4W later this summer.

What we are learning

We have met with several amazing women-supporting nonprofits from the greater NYC metropolitan region. Here are a few of our observations; some might be useful to you too!

  • Organizations are supporting women at disparate points in their workforce journey, but we have not found one agency that offers support continuously through the journey
  • Quality childcare is critical for mothers to stay in the workforce, but this is not a well-funded area, and affordable, quality options are an area of concern
  • Each nonprofit could benefit from marketing and communications expertise to tell their stories

Our potential nonprofit partners

Each meeting we have strengthens our resolve to launch W4W quickly and start filling the much needed resource gaps. To that extent:

  • Nonprofits we’re considering as initial partners are focused on preparing women for job entry with skills and training, personal mentoring, and preparing girls to enter the workforce
  • Their stories of impact are strong even though their reach is low in many cases

Looking for a few good founding members:

We’re ready to accept founding members!

We are seeking introductions to individuals and businesses who share our mission of elevating women in the workforce.

Why be a founding member?

  1. Founding members will sit on our advisory board and help shape the evolution and strategic direction of our organization
  2. They will start doing good and helping women right away
  3. They will be a role model for other member businesses
  4. They will always be part of our early history and our legacy as we grow

If you are interested, or know someone who might be, please email us.

As always, we welcome any and all feedback as we would not be here without you!