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Search for Founding Members

This quote perfectly sums up the essence of Working for Women. We use the collective power of business to elevate women in the workforce by investing in nonprofits who are focused on job entry, job stability, mentoring and skills for the future workforce (girls). 


In last month’s newsletter, we were not specific enough about what we want in a Founding Member for our fall launch. Below is a profile of our ideal founding members. Our ask, please look into your network and reply with one or two recommended companies. And If you can connect us with them even better.

Founding Members are:

  • Aligned with the mission of W4W
  • Represent a cross section of industries and sizes (both in terms of # of employees and annual revenue)
  • Willing to drive membership by promoting W4W to their networks

Ideal Founding Member Mix:

  • 1 large company ($500MM+) with a strong commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the advancement of women (e.g., we have already thought of Eileen Fisher – other suggestions)
  • 2-3 mid-sized companies ($100MM-200MM) whose focus has been on growing the business but now need to invest in CSR to round out their company profile and help with employee recruiting and retention
  • 2-3 smaller companies ($10MM-$25MM) who are socially-oriented and are looking for an efficient solution to charitable giving

Founding Member:

Our Ask Our Give
  • Initial commitment of $50k to $200k based on company size to cover W4W operating expenses
  • Featured in W4W communications and always as part of organization’s history
  • Annual contribution of $15k – 60k for next 2 years based on company size to defray W4W operating costs
  • Permission to reference the work with W4W in PR/communications (with approval from W4W)
  • Seat on the advisory board to shape the direction of W4W (10-20 hrs a yr)
  • Engagement plan to involve the organization in skill-based volunteering
  • Voice in the selection of future W4W nonprofit partners

Submit your recommendations here.

As always, we welcome any and all feedback as we would not be here without you!