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Meet Our First Nonprofit Partners

We are excited to share with you – our early supporters – our most recent progress. Four nonprofits, located from the Hudson Valley to New York City, that are uniquely creating change for women and girls have signed on to be W4W partners.

Each organization was vetted to ensure it:

  • is aligned with our mission to elevate women in the workforce
  • has strong leadership and proven impact
  • has a clear path to increased impact
  • is operationally efficient

And now, we are so pleased to share them with you.


New Women New Yorkers, founded in 2014, is a NYC-based nonprofit dedicated to empowering immigrant women from all backgrounds. It provides immigrant women with training, resources, and support to help them secure their first paying, fulfilling job in the NYC workforce or to pursue higher education.

Bottomless Closet, established in 1999, strives to be the connection that inspires and guides disadvantaged New York City women to enter the workforce and achieve success. Bottomless Closet serves disadvantaged New York City women who are in need of assistance in preparing for job interviews and supporting their entry or reentry into the workforce.

Raising HOPE(Help, Opportunity, Passion, Empowerment), established in 2008 by the Ulster County United Way, gives women the tools they need to become financially and emotionally independent. This women to women mentoring program was created out of the need to curtail the chances that women transitioning from domestic violence or homeless shelters or re-entering the community after incarceration or substance abuse treatment would likely end up returning to the social service or criminal justice systems.

Girls Inc. of Westchester Countyis a local affiliate of Girls Incorporated, a 150 year-old national organization with over 85 chapters in the U.S. and Canada. The organization founded in 2007 inspires girls to grow up strong, smart, and bold.  Programs are targeted to girls ages 9 to 18 with a focus on the middle and high school years, the developmentally crucial stages when having a girls-only space to share, build confidence, and interact with positive role models can provide these at risk girls with a strong foundation for future economic and job security.

Read more about how we will work with each on our site

When you become a member of W4W, you have the opportunity to just not support one nonprofit but support the portfolio.  We will be highlighting stories about each of our partners in future communications. As always, we welcome any and all feedback as we would not be here without your support!