/ 03.04.22 /

Celebrating Women’s History Month

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In March we celebrate the vital role of women in American history. This year, Working for Women highlighted four women who worked tirelessly to lift themselves from poverty and then […] Read More

/ 02.22.22 /

Announcing the Invest in Women Fund

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When you become a member of Working for Women your individual contribution is joined with the donations of all our members to establish the Invest in Women Fund. This year, our nonprofit partners are […] Read More

/ 02.18.22 /

2021 Impact Report Now Available

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Introducing our first-ever Impact Report! We understand the importance of reporting the value and impact of our work to both our members and nonprofit partners.  Our 2021 Impact Report outlines […] Read More

/ 01.10.22 /

W4W Founder Featured on Philanthropy in Phocus Podcast

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Our Founder & CEO, Beth Bengtson, was featured on the 50th episode of the Philanthropy in Phocus podcast with the Nonprofit Sector Connector, Tommy DiMisa. Together they discussed how business can […] Read More

/ 12.21.21 /

Memory Fox Joins Working for Women

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MemoryFox has joined our growing community of members who are investing in women and we are grateful to be partnering with them! MemoryFox is a content management tool built for nonprofits […] Read More

/ 11.18.21 /

W4W Partners with Wall Street Journal WomenIn Series

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Working for Women is partnering with The Wall Street Journal Audience Partnerships Team to help diversify audiences for their signature WomenIn series. For more information and to check out their […] Read More

/ 10.20.21 /

Sharae Moore

Women Crush Wed

Our #WCW this week is Sharae Moore, CEO and founder of S.H.E. Trucking. Through education, community and mentorship, Sharae has created a space for women to enter the male-dominated trucking industry. […] Read More

/ 10.13.21 /

Jamia Wilson

Women Crush Wed

Our #WCW this week is Jamia Wilson, feminist activist, writer, and speaker! Jamia recently joined Random House as vice president and executive editor where she is working to elevate and […] Read More

/ 10.01.21 /

Grande Cosmetics joins forces with W4W

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Grande Cosmetics is the newest business to join forces with Working for Women to help women who are economically marginalized reach financial independence through W4W’s nonprofit network. Since the start […] Read More

/ 09.15.21 /

Bahiyah Yasmeen Robinson

Women Crush Wed

Our #WCW this week is VC Include‘s Founder & CEO, Bahiyah Yasmeen Robinson. Robinson’s expertise in leading technology, investment and social impact initiatives culminated in creating VC Include (VCI) in […] Read More