/ 07.16.20 /

Finalist for Inspiring Workplaces 2020 Social Responsibility Award

Case Studies

We are excited to announce that our work with our member ZS has been chosen as a finalist for the Inspiring Workplaces NA 2020 Awards.  It is a true testament […] Read More

/ 06.30.20 /

Welcoming Our Newest Members 

Invest in Women

Reflecting an appetite for businesses to take lead in changing this world, W4W welcomes our newest members: Read More

/ 06.05.20 /

W4W Joins the Women’s Funding Network

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We are joining forces with the Women’s Funding Network to explore ways to bring businesses more directly into the conversation around advancing women’s economic mobility. To say this connection is timely is […] Read More

/ 05.07.20 /

Resilience and the W4W community

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When it comes to essential workers, women rule, but alas, it’s in industries which are significantly underpaid and undervalued. “Nearly two-thirds (64.4 percent) of frontline workers are women.” Source: Center for Economic […] Read More

/ 02.10.20 /

Black History Month: How the gender-based pay gap affects black women

Invest in Women

February is Black History Month, and here in 2020, there’s much to celebrate. In the 116th Congress of the United States — the most racially and ethnically diverse ever — […] Read More

/ 01.17.20 /

Beth Bengtson Chats with See Change Magazine about Why Investing in Women is Good for Business

Invest in Women

We were so grateful for the chance to chat with SEE Change Magazine about how W4W enables win-win-win-wins for businesses, employees, nonprofits and women. Check out the interview with our founder Beth […] Read More

/ 12.24.19 /

That’s a wrap – our first year of impact


Here at Working for Women, wrapping up 2019 also means wrapping up our first year as an organization. We have learned, connected, evolved, and met amazing new people on the […] Read More

/ 12.20.19 /

Amanda’s Story: What happens when you invest in a woman?

Invest in Women

Meet Amanda. She’s proof of the ripple effect created when you invest in a woman and empower her to take control of her life path. When Amanda was a preteen, […] Read More

/ 11.12.19 /

“I’m not just working to work, I’m working to make a difference”: W4W Member Spotlight on Rose Chan Siow of SCOUT

Invest in Women

What do you really want to do? What gets you going in the morning? These are the questions Rose Chan Siow, founder of SCOUT, asked herself when she realized she […] Read More

/ 11.12.19 /

What does it mean to “invest in women”? Why is it good for business?

Invest in Women

When we invest in women, we help build a society where all women have gained economic independence. That’s great for women…and more personally, your investment in women — the women […] Read More