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Help Upskill Women into Higher Paying Jobs

Your donation helps elevate women from low-income jobs to high-paying careers in technology.

While the tech industry is rapidly advancing, many women from marginalized communities continue to find themselves on the outside looking in, not because of a lack of talent or ambition, but due to limited access to the essential resources and training needed to break into this  field.

With your support, we can offer women specialized tech education and hands-on career development opportunities, paving the way for their economic independence and professional growth.

Elevate women from low-income jobs to high-paying careers in technology.

Double the Impact: Fund 10 More Scholarships!

We set out with a goal to empower 10 women with scholarships to the Career Circle tech program, but the response has been overwhelming—20 talented women are ready to upskill and transform their lives.

To seize this opportunity and support these additional 10 aspiring women, we urgently need to raise $10,000. Every contribution of $1000 will provide a scholarship to educate one woman, providing the tools she needs for a better future.

Donate now and help these 10 women elevate themselves from low-income jobs to high-paying careers in technology.

Join us in shaping a better future.

Together, we are working for women.

Our Journey So Far

Our pilot program offered six women a comprehensive six-month certificate course in various tech disciplines, from Digital Marketing to UX Design. This carefully curated curriculum is not just about imparting knowledge; it’s a ladder to upward mobility, designed to equip women with the tools they need to secure higher paying positions in the tech industry.

Participants in our program gained more than just education; they were integrated into a supportive ecosystem via the CareerCircle platform. This platform is their gateway to a world of opportunities, providing a personalized space for learning, job searching, and career progression, ensuring a continuum of support and resources at their fingertips.

The Impact We’ve Made

From Binnie applying project management principles in her part-time job to Natalia’s excitement in learning cutting-edge marketing strategies, these stories are testaments to the program’s profound impact on their professional and personal growth.

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