/ 10.20.21 /

Sharae Moore

Our #WCW this week is Sharae Moore, CEO and founder of S.H.E. Trucking. Through education, community and mentorship, Sharae has created a space for women to enter the male-dominated trucking industry.

It all started when Sharae created her own clothing line because she couldn’t find apparel for women truck drivers. Through this, she met many women on the road and realized there was a great opportunity to build a community for women in trucking. She created a “sisterhood” network of over 15,000 women truck drivers and began a trucking school, teaching women the safest practices for entering into the industry while helping them get in the driver seat.

One of the things Sharae loves about trucking is the opportunity it gives women to take control of their lives and their futures. She acknowledges that while it’s a tough job, it gives women the chance to travel across the country, pays well, offers a level of independence and keeps the economy moving.

Sharae, you are a champion for women reaching financial independence and we are honored to feature you as our #WCW.

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