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Investing in women benefits all.

When a woman’s individual financial security improves, it creates a ripple effect that flows into business, industry, communities, and entire economies.

But there’s an economic and empowerment gap that is still too wide for too many women trying to enter and stay in the workforce.

Today, only 1.6% of philanthropy goes to women and girls. And this has only become worse because of the pandemic.

In 2020 and 2021 we saw the greatest “shecession” of our lifetime, with women ending 2020 with 5.4 million fewer jobs.

Investing in women is so much more than a good thing to do. It’s absolutely critical as we work to achieve gender parity and post-pandemic recovery.

You want to give back better and activate your business as a force for good.

But as a business owner, you’re strapped for the time you need to:

  • Research and meet with nonprofits 
  • Volunteer in person or virtually
  • Involve your employees in the giving back process

You might also wonder if the dollars you can contribute will make a meaningful impact—or if they’ll be a “drop in the bucket”.

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Giving back sounds great, but it inevitably remains on your to-do list. Maybe next year when you have more time?

I wanted to build a business whose core values included helping women, but that’s not as easy as it sounds. Doing something real, not just for PR or for a certification is difficult to execute while managing a young business with little funds and time to spread around.
– Liz Harrington, Local Home Check

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What if there was a better way?

What if a seamless process existed that:

  • Vetted nonprofits for effectiveness 
  • Aggregated your dollars with fellow business owners dollars, that amplifies your impact
  • Reported back on impact with metrics and results you could share with your network
  • Reflected your values in supporting women on their path to financial independence

And, you’d be able to:

  • Be a part of the movement to help women on their path to financial independence and actively recovering from the “shecession”
  • Connect with a community of purpose-driven business owners and peers
  • Cultivate more fulfillment and happiness within your team
  • Back up your marketing messages with demonstratable impact

Working for Women makes it so simple to support women in need! I love that they aggregate the dollars to provide greater help than just one donation could – and that they’ve already vetted the receiving organizations so you don’t have to.
– Angie Byrnes, Spark 180

Our members multiply their impact for nonprofits working for women while they stay focused on running their businesses.

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There are over 30 million small businesses in the United States. If every one of them donated 1% of their revenue — think about how many women could reach financial independence, and how many lives would improve.

Imagine what would happen if every business of any size donated just 1% of their revenue.

As a Working for Women member, we encourage you to donate 1% of your annual revenue. We are happy to work with you to determine what would work best for your business.

As a female small business owner, I’m thrilled at the level of engagement W4W has with both their partners and beneficiary organizations—real impact effected on behalf of members, donors.
– Katie Wilson, Nourish Wealth Management

Working for Women members receive:

  • Membership kit
  • Member Logo
  • Member directory
  • Impact reports
  • Online portal
  • Shareable content 
  • Promotion of your involvement 



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100% of your gift is tax-deductible and applied to help our nonprofit partners expand capacity to reach more women.

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Working for Women is building a powerful community, doing the work to identify and support the most impactful organizations, and ensuring that whatever money I can contribute is effective.”
– Katy Dwyer, KDD

Why us?

There are many incredible nonprofits out there. Why donate to Working for Women instead of giving directly to an organization?

When you give to Working for Women, you can multiply the impact of your dollars, track your impact, and join a community of likeminded businesses working toward the same cause. Your individual contribution is aggregated with the dollars of countless Working for Women members for maximum impact. Working for Women extensively vets each beneficiary organization and works with them to pinpoint how our aggregated dollars can best help grow capacity—and ultimately, create the greatest impact for the women they serve.

My business is not having a great year financially, but I still want to give something. Can I become a Working for Women member?

We will gratefully accept donations of all sizes. In order to become a Working for Women member, we require a minimum of a $100 donation (per year) or the equivalent of 1% of your revenue. 

I feel passionately about giving back in my local community. Where does Working for Women have a presence?

Working for Women is expanding nationally! Our current presence is strongest in the Northeast Region of the US, while we actively develop partnerships with incredible nonprofits in major cities across the country. Is there a particular nonprofit serving women that you’d like us to know about, or a city you’d like us to expand to? Let us know here.

Giving back is a good thing to do in itself, but what types of returns will I see on my investment?

Giving back is a great thing to do, and it’s also great for business. Today’s customers expect companies to improve their lives, and improve the lives of others. Even as we face a global pandemic and economic downturn, when businesses give back, their annual sales stand to increase by 26%, and consumer spending increases by about 30%. Not only can your bottom line improve, but your team’s pride and engagement will improve too. Studies show that organizations with high employee engagement have 3.9 times the growth rate for earnings per share than other companies with lower engagement in the same industry.


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