/ 06.16.21 /

Southpaw Insights and W4W release “Insight to Corporate Giving” survey results

The “Insight to Corporate Giving” study was launched at the end of 2020 with the objective to understand how businesses make decisions about giving (financial & staff volunteer time). Huge shoutout to Southpaw Insights our research partner on this journey.

Insight to Corporate Giving

Our hypotheses were:

  1. Most companies don’t effectively measure the ‘return’ or ‘ROI’ of their volunteerism or financial donations
  2. Some companies believe they can’t give enough to make a meaningful difference
  3. There’s often a disconnect between companies’ core competency and talent, and the focus of their volunteer efforts
  4. Many companies don’t have a strategic or systematic approach to volunteerism and financial donations, instead of approaching it as a ‘once and done’ or based on the personal interest of senior leadership/other decision-makers