/ 07.25.22 /

W4W Founder Speaks with WWD About The Wage Gap and Its Impact on Women

The Wage Gap Is Still Very Real, and Its Impact on Women Is Getting Worse

“It’s time to change the conversation,” said Beth Bengtson, CEO and Founder of Working for Women in this recent article from WWD. “It blows my mind that the economic gap persists in this third decade of the 21st century.”

Beth along with other experts shed light on where workplace discrimination begins with projections for cost-of-living crisis to hit women the hardest. This includes wages as well as the Pink Tax, Bengtson said. “Since we haven’t made a dent in this gap in the last 20-plus years, despite so much public attention and the growth of women in the workforce, clearly something’s not working. It seems to me that it’s time to change the conversation. Society doesn’t benefit if we don’t fix this — it’s everybody’s issue, not only a women’s issue. When a woman’s individual financial security improves, research shows that it creates a ripple effect that flows into businesses, industries, communities and entire economies.”

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