/ 08.26.19 /

Unshattered joins our portfolio of nonprofits

Why are we so excited about bags?

When you support Working for Women, you support multiple nonprofits. We are so excited to include Unshattered into our portfolio of organizations that help women gain economic independence.

They are a nonprofit social enterprise that takes women who are recovering addicts and teaches them a trade. As women learn to make bags, they learn to become whole again. Each beautiful unique bag is upcycled (created from remnant material from various industries).

Each handbag contains a:

  1. Hidden message from the artist, e.g. a verse, her number of days of sobriety, or a prayer for the future owner.
  2. Name for others that are still struggling with addiction
  3. Gold thread as a nod to the Japanese art form of Kintsugi (using gold lacquer to repair the cracks in broken pottery)

Best news – their model works! To date, they have experienced ZERO relapses of their employees.

By working with and supporting nonprofits like Unshattered, Working for Women is working to create and foster opportunities for women to achieve economic independence and create a more equitable world for all.