/ 05.07.21 /

W4W Founder Speaks with Financial Times About Getting Women Back Into the Workforce

Story Features Client of W4W Partner, Women’s Way

Working for Women CEO and Founder, Beth Bengtson, spoke to the Financial Times this week on getting women back into the workforce post-pandemic and the urgent need to implement programs that support them.

“Every woman that wants to be working should have the ability to do that. I think that’s good for our society,” says Beth Bengtson, founder of Working for Women, a charity. “Everybody that’s worked in trying to help women get into the workforce knows these have been tough issues all along. But no one’s actually put something out there and said, ‘Hey, we’re actually going to address this, and here’s a way that we could start tackling it’.” @JamesPoliti, “Biden hopes to revive long march of women back into US workforce” – May 7, 2021

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