Improving women’s lives through business contributions

Evidence shows that investing in women benefits all humanity, BUT capital is not flowing there. Only 1.2% of philanthropy goes to women and girls. Our idea is to move resources from businesses to nonprofits, enabling more women to reach economic independence. Imagine if women-owned businesses, which represent $1.7 trillion of revenue, each donated 1% — think about how many lives we could improve.

Working For Women’s Win-Win Operating Model

We have a dual mission: to enable businesses to be a force for social good AND elevate underserved women in the workforce.  We facilitate strategic partnerships between businesses committed to affecting social change and nonprofits focused on supporting the success of underserved women. We aggregate resources from businesses in the form of financial and skill-based contributions and channel them back to our partner nonprofits.

It’s a win-win. Nonprofits improve their capacity to serve more women. Businesses create and retain loyal employees and customers which results in better business performance.

Working for Women empowers companies to effect social change by supporting underserved women in the workforce by:

  1. Creating a community by building relationships with non-profits focused on elevating women in the workforce
  2. Aggregating resources from businesses to enable our nonprofit partners to serve more women
  3. Providing growth and learning opportunities for employees through skill-based volunteer opportunities
  4. Measuring the impact of Working for Women’s investments
  5. Creating a larger movement through sharing stories of our impact together

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We envision a society where all women achieve economic independence!

We assist companies who may be asking, Which nonprofit should I donate to in order to support women in business? What are the best charities for women and where should I donate to have the greatest impact? How can I involve my employees in the community and find meaningful corporate volunteer opportunities?

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