The mission of Working for Women (W4W) is to partner with business owners who want to focus their corporate social responsibility on supporting women in business. We assist companies who may be asking, Which nonprofit should I donate to in order to support women in business? What are the best charities for women and where should I donate to have the greatest impact? How can I involve my employees in the community and find meaningful corporate volunteer opportunities?

Working for Women (W4W) is a nonprofit organization that makes it easy for businesses to be a force for social good by building relationships with nonprofits focused on the entry, training, education and support of all women in the workforce. We have identified these as the best nonprofit organizations that help women and are dedicated to supporting women in business.

W4W empowers companies to effect social change for women by:

  • Creating a community around supporting women in business through building relationships with non-profits focused on elevating women in the workforce
  • Aggregating resources from businesses to enable our nonprofit partners to serve more women
  • Providing skill-based volunteer opportunities for businesses through our nonprofit partners
  • Measuring the impact of Working for Women’s investments
  • Creating a larger movement through sharing stories of our impact together

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