Improving women’s lives through business resources

Evidence shows that investing in women benefits all humanity, BUT capital is not flowing there. Only 1.9% of philanthropy goes to women and girls. We move resources from businesses to nonprofits, enabling more women to reach economic independence. Imagine if women-owned businesses, which represent $1.9 trillion of revenue, each donated 1% — think about how many lives we could improve.

Working For Women’s Win-Win-Win Operating Model

Giving Model

We facilitate strategic partnerships between businesses committed to affecting social change and nonprofits focused on supporting the success of women who are economically marginalized. We aggregate resources from businesses in the form of financial and skill-based contributions and channel them back to our partner nonprofits to grow their capacity.

It’s a win-win-win for all involved. Women get the skills and support they need. Nonprofits improve their capacity to serve more women. Businesses attract and retain loyal employees and customers resulting in better business performance. Most important our society wins.

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We envision a society where all women achieve economic independence!

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“Young professionals place a premium on corporate social responsibility (CSR) and want to work at companies that have strong commitments to corporate citizenship. When companies partner with Working for Women, they’re able to quickly build their CSR culture, make a visible impact on the community and consequently, recruit top talent that will continue to foster the CSR culture and create more opportunities for positive community impact. Working for Women is the catalyst to a jumpstart a robust, sustainable path to corporate citizenship within businesses.”  W4W Employee Participant