When you become a member of Working for Women, your individual contribution is joined with the donations of all our members to establish the Invest in Women Fund.
The Invest in Women Fund helps our nonprofit partners expand their capacity at the organizational and/or programmatic level. By growing the capacity of our partners, they are able to gain new systems, strategies and tools to help more women enter and stay in the workforce – attaining financial independence.
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When a woman’s individual financial security improves, it creates a ripple effect that flows into business, industry, communities, and entire economies.
Working for Women researches each nonprofit partner and works with them to pinpoint how we can best help grow their capacity—and ultimately, have the greatest impact for the women they serve. Meet our 2022 nonprofit partners below.

Women Employed

2022 Projects

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2022 Award Amount: $20k per partner = $120k total awarded

About the Awarded Projects:

  1. Bottomless Closet – Build a replicable financial workshop
    Empower women who are marginalized with skills to manage their limited budgets, effectively lower their debts, build wealth, and knowledge to pass on to their children
  2. Chica Project – Rebranding school-based curriculum to expand programming reach
    Expand programming reach to young Latinas and women of color to prepare them for college and/or pursue / explore their passions in a career of their choosing
  3. New Women New Yorkers – Build a replicable model for interview & orientation sessions
    Create partnerships with businesses to provide immigrant women with job opportunities and establish culturally sensitive work environments where they can thrive
  4. Unshattered – Enhance employees’ skills
    Train women in recovery from addiction to lead key marketing roles to grow the social enterprise and transform the lives of more women like themselves
  5. Women Employed – Initial project funding
    Establish a virtual women’s entrepreneurship hub for low-income women and Black and Latina women to gain access to resources, community, and networks that promote building wealth and result in closing the gap in race and gender inequity
  6. Women’s Way – Initial project funding
    Initiate research that examines policy, data, and speaks directly to women who are economically insecure to identify the key drivers and solutions for the gender wealth gap, and pioneers a gender wealth index

Grande Cosmetics

A special thank you to our business member, Grande Cosmetics, who is the lead sponsor of our 2022 Invest in Women Fund. Their commitment has been key to the launch of the fund and we are grateful for their partnership. Learn more about their Beauty from the Heart program and their vow to use their platform to support the social causes that are at the forefront of our society.