Go beyond one size fits all corporate volunteering!

Working for Women’s curated employee skill-based volunteering programs are designed to support women from marginalized communities, supersize the impact of our nonprofit partners and create growth opportunities for companies and their employees. 

Corporate volunteering in action

“Working with an organization like W4W allowed us to clearly define the engagement. This allows for a triple win where nonprofits improve their capacity and serve more women, and businesses retain loyal employees and customers, resulting in better business performance.”
– Kimaya Padgaonkar, a Consultant at ZS

Corporate volunteering has become an integral part of many organizations’ corporate social responsibility efforts, and general corporate volunteering has its merits and should be part of a company’s social responsibility strategy.

But what if you could reconfigure volunteering so that it achieves even more?

How about an initiative with longer-lasting impact for your staff, with a built-in element that taps your employees’ skills, strengthens internal relationships, and even enhances employee growth, career development and leadership skills?  

We call this Skillunteering™ – and it’s the approach that Working for Women created to match the needs and values of companies that want to do good with nonprofits that would benefit from strategic expertise.

Download our Skillunteering overview here

Skill-based volunteering session with Jenn Wiley of Wet Cement

“It has been a wonderful opportunity to apply my skill sets and expertise in a completely different environment and client context! A unique opportunity to gain new leadership and client management skills outside of a traditional environment.“ – Jennifer Wiley, Wet Cement


To volunteer strategically by leveraging your existing expertise and passion to bring value to people and organizations while developing your skills to enhance your career and company.

Benefits to Your Company

  • Enhance employee skills 
  • Develop empathetic, resilient leaders 
  • Engage employees 
  • Build community and connection 
  • Advance women through a proven theory of change 

“Working For Women made it very easy for my consulting firm to make an immediate impact, while at the same time providing our employees with opportunities to give back and learn new skills. I greatly appreciate the strategic and tactical guidance that W4W provides, they do a great job at ensuring that this experience is truly a win-win situation for both the corporate employees they engage with and the partner organizations that they serve!”

– Anna, ZS, Champion Corporate Partner

Immersive Workshops

Immersive Workshops provide education and training that help women build knowledge and skills that help them enter and stay in the workforce.

Your team develops a workshop on a topic identified by our nonprofit partners. Sample topics include negotiation, career development, communication skills and marketing.

Mentoring Programs

Mentoring programs provides women access to professional advice, support and role models in a curated mentorship setting. 

Your employees carry out one-to-one mentoring with women whose goal it is to enter and stay in the workforce. 

Consulting Project

Consulting Projects help non-profits level up their services and multiply their impact while providing experiential leadership development opportunities for Skillunteers. 

Our most involved type of Skillunteer project, a team of employees from your company work with a nonprofit on a specific project for a couple of hours per week for 2-4 months. 

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