Socioeconomic factors in the United States prevent women who lack resources from participating and progressing in the workforce. Funding dedicated to addressing this problem does not match the need. Currently, only 1.2 percent of philanthropic giving goes to women’s issues. On top of that, government funding for women is variable and fails to address their most basic needs.


  1. Partner with nonprofits focused on improving working conditions for women and supporting women in business
  2. Activate businesses committed to elevating women in the workforce and effecting social change for women
  3. Aggregate resources from those businesses to support nonprofit projects and help these businesses identify corporate volunteer opportunities
  4. Report out on impact of our collective efforts
  5. Make it easier for businesses to be a force for social good


  • Women get the support and resources they need
  • Nonprofits secure resources to meet and expand their missions
  • Businesses engage their stakeholders and support measurable impact


  • Under-served women are elevated and empowered
  • Nonprofits increase their reach and impact
  • Businesses know how they are making a difference
  • A larger movement is created


More women enter and stay in the workforce attaining economic independence.