Looking for ways to increase your employee engagement?
When you join Working for Women, we provide opportunities for your employees to be part of the impactful work we are doing to lift more women to financial independence.

“This workshop was an exercise in empathy and connecting with people with different life experiences – which is directly applicable to client interactions.”

Organizations with high employee engagement have 3.9 times the growth rate for earnings per share than other companies with lower engagement in the same industry – Gallop Report


Working for Women creates experiences that engage employees and grow the capacity of our nonprofit partners to reach more women. These projects fall into two types:

1) Expanding programming for women (i.e., negotiation skills workshop)

2) Expanding the reach of our nonprofit partners (i.e., marketing and communications projects)

These skill-based projects engage your team by:

Creating a personal connection for your employees to your company’s purpose.
 A meaningful skill-based volunteer opportunity can engage all levels of staff, including the CEO, and have them working toward the same immediate and long-term goals. These programs help employees see that their social values align with their employer’s and that the work they do is purpose-driven. They gain a sense that their contribution goes beyond the overall success of the company – and can make a difference for society.

Improving employee skills and presents them with growth opportunities.
When your employees participate in skill-based volunteering they can develop and strengthen their skills.  As their skills expand and strengthen, your company becomes stronger. Leadership, collaboration, communication, problem-solving, and self-confidence are all skills you can foster in your company’s team while you improve society at the same time.

Fostering employee retention and boosts recruitment efforts.
It’s been proven: company-sponsored volunteerism boosts employee engagement, which is good for everyone. (organizations with high employee engagement have 3.9 times the growth rate for earnings per share than other companies with lower engagement.) When you create a workplace where employees find pride in both the company they work for and the work they do…those employees stick around. Providing corporate volunteer opportunities also makes your company more attractive to the candidates you want on your staff.

Reinforcing your company values with your customer base.
In addition to enhancing employee attitudes and satisfaction, translating your company values into action can influence how your customers feel about your company. “63% of global consumers prefer to purchase products from companies that stand for a purpose that reflects their own values, and will avoid companies that don’t.


“It has been a wonderful opportunity to apply my skill sets and expertise in a completely different environment and client context! A unique opportunity to gain new leadership and client management skills outside of a traditional environment.“

“When companies partner with Working for Women, they’re able to quickly build their CSR culture, make a visible impact on the community and consequently, recruit top talent

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