One of your company’s first steps along the journey to corporate social responsibility is to ask, “What causes should we support? Which nonprofits should I donate to?”

Of course, the question of which charities to donate to is likely followed by others such as, “How far will our donation dollars really go?”, “How do we know we’re having an impact?”, or “How do I know a nonprofit we support is doing a good job?” These are all vitally important inquiries, because informed giving is effective giving. While websites like Charity Navigator are excellent resources, they can still be daunting – and that’s where Working for Women (W4W) comes in.

Our mission at Working for Women is to work with companies who have not only committed to the idea of business as a force for good, but also decided that for them, “good” include a focus on women’s empowerment: supporting women through business and elevating women in the workforce, as well as helping women entrepreneurs. Our goal is to take the legwork out of researching which nonprofits and charities to donate to, by identifying the organizations that are influential in creating paths to employment for women and girls to ensure their economic independence. We consider these to be among the best nonprofit organizations that help women and the best charities for women in general.

We thoroughly vet and get to know our nonprofit partners – who have seen firsthand the benefits of empowering women — in order to understand their needs and growth potential. Then we direct our members’ resources, in the form of donations as well as corporate volunteer opportunities, to where they will enable these charities to serve and more women. It’s a win-win answer to the question of which nonprofit to donate to. We work with each nonprofit to ensure they’re achieving what they set out to do and thus ensure your donation to these nonprofits are being used most effectively.

By aggregating your contributions with those of other companies, we can better effect social change for women. Working for Women further empowers businesses to be a force for good by measuring the impact of our investments and creating a larger movement through sharing stories of that impact.

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