Working for Women makes it easier for businesses to be a force for social good by taking the legwork out of sorting through all the options to make a difference for women. We spend the time to meet and vet our nonprofit partners to understand their needs and opportunities for growth. This ensures our member’s resources are meaningfully applied helping our nonprofit partners have greater impact.

Each nonprofit partner is vetted to ensure they:

  • Are aligned with our mission to elevate women in the workforce
  • Have strong leadership and proven impact
  • Have a clear path to increased impact
  • Are operationally efficient

Our nonprofit partners create the following change for women and girls:

  • Women have the skills they need to enter and keep a job.
  • Women are empowered through local mentor relationships.
  • Girls have the skills to thrive in a fast changing world.

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Types of nonprofits for future consideration:

  • Entrepreneurial opportunities
  • Childcare support
  • Financial Planning
  • Formally incarcerated women
  • Policy Areas such as family leave, workplace flexibility, caring for children, pay equity and combating discrimination

We are a national organization with a focus on local impact.

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