When you join Working for Women (W4W) you support the growth of our carefully vetted nonprofit partners. They work with women across the U.S. to:
  • Provide Education & Training
  • Connect Women to Jobs
  • Build a Community of Support



Women’s Way is a nonprofit organization empowering organizations and individuals to take action to support equal opportunity for women, girls, and gender equality for all in the greater Philadelphia region.

Chica Project serves young Latinas and other Women of Color who have been systematically disconnected from economic opportunity, resulting in limited access to education, financial stability, social capital, political power, and sufficient human services. Chica Project addresses this opportunity divide by providing young, urban Latinas who are growing up in communities disconnected from economic opportunity and influence with access to intergenerational mentorship, professional employment experience, and leadership development.

Unshattered is a nonprofit social enterprise ending the relapse cycle for women recovering from addiction. They provide job skills training and employment while partnering with recovery homes across the country to provide the next step for women who are overcoming addiction, trafficking, abuse, and incarceration. Its unique combination of community, employment, and personal development have been very successful – to date, they have experienced ZERO relapses for their employees.

Looking forward, they would like to expand their operations to quadruple the number of women they serve. This requires moving into a larger space to accommodate their growing operations. Unshattered is currently seeking to fund a new position: Brand and Experience Manager. Hiring for this position will contribute to sustaining current employment levels as well as achieving its growth goals. It will also free up the Executive Director’s time to develop strategic relationships. Additionally, they are looking for an accountant and bookkeeper to ensure they build a healthy, robust, and scalable financial foundation.

Raising HOPE (Help, Opportunity, Passion, Empowerment), established in 2008, gives women the tools they need to become financially and emotionally independent through a women to women mentoring program. This program was created out of the need to curtail the chances that women transitioning from domestic violence or homeless shelters or re-entering the community after incarceration or substance abuse treatment would likely end up re-entering the social service or criminal justice system. Over the past 10 years, Raising HOPE has assisted 200 women in Ulster County to achieve some or all of their academic and vocational goals. Women who participate in the year-long program are typically single mothers between the ages of 25 and 40, however there is also a smaller segment of women over the age of 40 who are in transition and seek support, guidance, and financial assistance.

Looking to the future, Raising HOPE wants to build organizational infrastructure to address the demand for this program as they currently are not able to serve all the women who qualify.  W4W wants to help Raising HOPE build the organizational infrastructure necessary to double the number of new women served from 20 to 40 per year as well as providing additional aftercare services post the one-year program.

Bottomless Closet, established in 1999, serves disadvantaged New York City women in preparing for job interviews and supporting their entry or reentry into the workforce. The women come from diverse backgrounds and experiences including women who are on public assistance, formerly incarcerated, single mothers, survivors of domestic violence, and women living in shelters. The services offered include the selection of high quality interview attire, 1:1 resume review/ preparation and interview coaching as well as a broad workshop curriculum that promotes professional development, financial management and personal enrichment. Since its beginnings, Bottomless Closet has had over 35,000 client interactions. This year, Bottomless Closet hopes to serve 2,400 women. Their clients say Bottomless Closet is the key factor to their success.

Looking to the future, Bottomless Closet has a diverse mix of goals to grow its donor, partner and client base, as well as expand its service offerings. W4W wants to help Bottomless Closet procure sustainable sources of in-kind products such as hygiene kits as well as funding for programmatic additions to staff and space for future growth.

New Women New Yorkers (NWNY), founded in 2014, provides immigrant women with training, resources, and support to help them secure their first paying, fulfilling job in the NYC workforce or to pursue higher education. New Women New Yorkers also offers a safe, transformative space where immigrant women can build community, experience and demonstrate leadership, and share their stories. To date, a total of 170 immigrant women have participated in NWNY workforce development programs.

Looking to the future, NWNY wants to expand their outreach reach to immigrant women and provide more opportunities for them to interact professionally through partnerships with industry. W4W wants to help NWNY build a direct system of referrals for graduates to jobs, internships, training programs, and other professional development opportunities; and, increase outreach to marginalized immigrant women.

Women Employed

Women Employed’s mission is to improve the economic status of women and remove barriers to economic equity in the Chicago region. Women Employed has been working for over 45 years to ensure all women are treated fairly in the workplace, are respected for the work they do, and can attain the skills they need for the jobs they want.


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