/ 10.10.18 /

Working for Women in Womens’ Wear Daily (WWD)

Working for Women Aims to Help Businesses Be a ‘Force for Social Good’

Beth Bengtson, founder of Working for Women, explains how her organization helps women and businesses.

“For brands and retailers, it’s often difficult to know if donations are being used effectively in this work. But Beth Bengtson, founder of Working for Women, or W4W, has launched a nonprofit aimed at addressing this issue. 

There is a renewed spotlight in many spheres of influence and industries on the advancement of women. But is that spotlight reaching all women? We think not. W4W is committed to expanding opportunities for underserved women and girls.

Second is the tendency among Millennials and members of new generations to look through an impact lens when making decisions about their future — including, for example, employment and the products and services that they use. Corporations that do not take this under consideration will not survive.”

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