What is Working for Women?

Working for Women’s (W4W) vision is for all women to achieve economic independence. We pursue this through a dual mission to elevate women in the workforce AND enable businesses to be a force for social good. W4W facilitates relationships between businesses committed to affecting social change for women with nonprofits focused on supporting the success of underserved women in the workforce. Through the W4W model, businesses provide financial and skill-based contributions so nonprofits can expand their capacity to serve more women.

We assist companies interested in supporting women in business and who may be asking: Which nonprofit should I donate to? What are the best charities for women and where should I donate to have the greatest impact? How can I involve my employees in the community and find meaningful volunteer opportunities?

Working for Women is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

Our goal is to get more women to economic independence.

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Why now?

The economic is still too wide for many women in our country. Consider these facts:

  • One in eight women and nearly one in five children lived in poverty, with over half living in women-led families.
  • More than one in three female-headed families with children were poor (versus 17.3 percent of male-headed households).
  • Poverty rates are higher for women who are black (38.8 percent) or Latina (40.8 percent).

Second, the business community is being called upon to be better corporate citizens. We have seen the power of what can happen when we bring business resources (skills and dollars to nonprofits. But it’s hard as a business owner to make sure those resources will make an impact while running a business.

With Working for Women, you help businesses and business people apply their resources thoughtfully and help nonprofits grow capacity thru programming and capacity building. Doing this allows for a greater impact on our society because when you invest in a woman you invest in their community and the next generation of the workforce.

What does W4W do?

We have a dual mission: to enable businesses to be a force for social good AND elevate underserved women in the workforce.  We facilitate strategic partnerships between businesses committed to affecting social change and nonprofits focused on supporting the success of underserved women. We aggregate resources from businesses in the form of financial and skill-based contributions and channel them back to our partner nonprofits.

It’s a win-win. Nonprofits improve their capacity to serve more women. Businesses create and retain loyal employees and customers which results in better business performance.

Working for Women empowers companies to effect social change by supporting underserved women in the workforce by:

  • Creating a community by building relationships with non-profits focused on elevating women in the workforce
  • Aggregating resources from businesses to enable our nonprofit partners to serve more women
  • Providing growth and learning opportunities for employees through skill-based volunteer opportunities
  • Measuring the impact of Working for Women’s investments
  • Creating a larger movement through sharing stories of our impact together

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What are the benefits for nonprofits?

Leaders of nonprofits gain a long term partner committed to supporting their growth goals. This is done though access to new funding sources and connections to volunteer/s with the knowledge and skills they need.

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What are the benefits for businesses?

Businesses can multiply their impact by pooling their resources with other businesses to create lasting impact while attracting and retaining employees and customers.



What are the expected outcomes from W4W activities?

Working for Women is unique in that it has a dual mission – to enable businesses to be a force for social good and elevate women in the workforce. Therefore, our expected outcomes are in these two areas.

Elevate women in the workforce

  • Nonprofits increase their reach and impact. Our nonprofit partners have the resources – money, people, skills, infrastructure, partners – to do more of what they do.
  • Underserved women are elevated and empowered. The women that these partners serve are reaching their personal and professional goals.

Enable businesses to be a force for social good

Businesses know how they are making a difference which results in employee retention and loyalty and improved business performance.


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